ASK IT Services INC


Leverage Cloud Platforms for Custom Applications

Whether building new applications in the cloud or migrating existing applications to a new cloud platform, deploying applications to the cloud requires understanding the differences between the cloud and local servers. Challenges include taking advantage of the flexible, scalable environment, integration with services and data residing both on and off premises, and the security concerns that come with maintaining code and data offsite.

The ASK IT Services team leverages development and cloud expertise to support migration and new development projects that work efficiently in the cloud. We can review existing application architectures to identify the changes, such as eliminating hardcoded dependencies, needed for the application to run in the cloud, or design and implement an entirely new application that takes advantage of specialized cloud services that support advanced functionality such as Big Data, analytics, and the Internet of Things. With a modern, responsive interface, your end users will be able to take advantage of the cloud to access the application from anywhere using any device.

Our suite of Cloud services includes: