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Customize Your Collaboration Software to Work the Way You Do

SharePoint’s flexibility means that it can help you work efficiently, effectively, and collaboratively, but you can’t do that if you limit yourself to Microsoft’s hosted environment and Office 365. You’ll get the document repository and basic workflows but lack the ability to integrate it with the rest of your core business processes.

When you need your business information to flow from third party applications to your employees and partners, you need SharePoint customized. Our SharePoint architect will adapt SharePoint to your environment with plugins that connect to your ERP, CRM, and other business management software. We’ll develop the functionality to let your disparate systems talk with SharePoint and your workers, streamlining your end-to-end data flows and supporting collaboration throughout your entire workflow.

We start by identifying the applications that need to migrate. Next, we devise a plan to complete the necessary technical steps as well as to mitigate the risks. We help you execute that plan using tools that automates procedures when possible and monitors and validates their successful completion.

Our IT project consulting services include: