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Manage Technology’s Risks Without Losing Technology’s Benefits

Technology empowers business success, but also brings risks of misuse by both employees and external bad actors. Get the risks under control with risk management services from ASK IT Services.

Begin with an infrastructure assessment to identify vulnerabilities due to technology selections or implementation weaknesses. Prioritize threats according to compliance requirements and potential impact on your business. Then develop and execute a plan to bring you into compliance and reduce the potential damage to your business. Monitoring, alerting, and effective response procedures ensure actual threat incidents are handled rapidly. Ongoing conversations with the Prescient team will help you stay in front of any potential risks.

Risk management services from ASK IT Services brings the Prescient Advantage to your business. We apply the collective IT intelligence of the certified experts on the ASK IT Services team to all our services, whether delivered onsite or remotely.

Our suite of Managed Technology Services (MTS)services includes: