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Disaster Recovery Services Keep Your Business Running No Matter What

Fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, blackouts, and other natural and man-made disasters can keep your office doors closed. With a strong disaster recovery (DR) plan and DR services, closing your doors doesn’t have to mean closing your business.

ASK IT Services will work with you to create and test a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. We’ll document your processes and the procedures needed to prevent loss of business information and resume operations. We partner with DR hosting facilities to establish a secondary environment that can become operational and get your systems running again quickly. Because data is as critical as infrastructure, we’ll ensure your backup processes are complete and reliable, with redundant storage making sure you won’t lose data or business.

Our network management services help ensure that your network provides the connectivity and performance your business needs to support the information flow that drives your business. We’ll help you design and document an efficient network architecture for internal and external connectivity, then track and manage the inventory of all your network resources, including transmission lines, hubs, routers, and switches. Maintenance and upgrades ensure equipment is optimally provisioned and configured to maximum performance, while proactive monitoring means problems are resolved before they ever impact your users.

Our suite of onsite IT services includes: