ASK IT Services INC


Proactive Management and Maintenance to Keep Systems Running Smoothly

Focus on your business while we manage your IT resources. You’ll increase your efficiency and decrease your costs, as well as gain stability and agility. With a team of certified, expert technology professionals, ASK IT Services can streamline and simplify oversight of your technology.

Our services ensure your infrastructure is appropriately sized, scaled, and supported. We address your technology needs proactively through developing maintenance plans and vendor partnerships. Routine maintenance activities like patches, upgrades, and backups are kept on track and on schedule, minimizing downtime and increasing security. We keep people, processes, and technology aligned with company goals.

When your existing infrastructure isn’t enough, ASK IT Services performs hardware and software product evaluations to develop an environment that allows your business to grow and succeed. Our assessments consider all aspects of your infrastructure, including networking hardware, servers, storage, software, and personnel. Our collaboration with industry leaders like Gartner and Forrester allows us to incorporate emerging technology into your systems, providing you the best value from technology and a competitive advantage.

Our suite of onsite IT services includes: